Thursday, October 2, 2008

David Hume and Miracles

According to atheist David Hume:
1) A miracle is a violation of the laws of nature
2) Firm and unalterable experience has established these laws.
3) A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence.

Because Mr. Hume’s conclusion is question begging, I’ll take it from here -

4) Therefore the Second Law of Thermodynamics cannot be violated.
.Entropy levels
.Background radiation and
.Accelerating expansion all confirm what the 2nd Law tells us.

5) Therefore the universe cannot be infinite nor can we have an infinite regress of prior universes.
6) Therefore the universe had a beginning
7) Therefore the universe had a cause

The universe cannot cause itself nor can it precede itself either physically or chronologically

8) Because the cause of the universe exists outside of time, the Cause is Infinite or Eternal,

- Because the cause of the universe exists outside of matter, the Cause is Immaterial or Spiritual,

- Because the cause of the universe exists outside of time and energy, space, matter and the laws of physics, the Cause is immeasurably more powerful than the mathematically precise universe and its exquisitely Finely Tuned constants and quantities.

- Therefore the cause of the universe cannot be “scientific” because neither matter nor the laws of physics existed prior to the Singularity.

That means that the universe was caused by the working definition of a Miracle.
Thank you Mr. Hume for that presentation.

Now, David Hume presumes to know all experience is uniform against miracles.

However, neither he nor anyone else can make that claim. Many people are convinced that they have experience a miracle, the greatest of which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This is confirmed on multiple levels and beyond dispute except in the minds of ideologues for whom nothing could change their minds.

David Hume is one of those ideologues who are forced to select only the evidence that agrees with his beliefs and he then ignores the rest - Some scientist!

I once believed that it was only modern atheists who lived like that, but of course that’s impossible. Long before Hume, in fact as long as humans have considered their world, atheists have had to lie to themselves and ignore evidence in order to maintain their belief system. Atheist arguments are as old as civilization. As scientific evidence that points to Creator God mounts, almost daily, hard-line atheists dig in their heels and increase the intensity of their self-refuting lies.

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