Thursday, October 9, 2008

I hate free choice - but I would die for it. Huh?

Many atheists began their run from God because they were / are afraid that “under God” they would lose their freedom. Little do they realise that it’s only because of God, and the manner in which He created humans that we have the freedom to make the freewill choice to turn our backs on Him. What we end up with is roughly 10% of the world's population who push God out of their lives and then, because they possess no awareness of God, they declare, “I find no evidence for the existence of God!”

The ability to choose between two or more alternatives is what freewill is all about and atheists demand the right to make such decisions. Can you imagine the reactions if atheists found out that on Monday of next week, they would have to begin believing in God?

So here is what I find strange. In the blogs that I’ve read, atheists mock the concept of freewill when it’s used to explain the presence of evil.
.‘It’s too easy,’ they say.
.‘It’s cheap.’ And most of all,
.‘It doesn’t blame God for the presence of evil and that is where the blame needs to fall.'

What we end up with is about 10% of the world's population who say, "The God that I don’t believe in is the reason that we have suffering and evil and because there is suffering and evil in the world, I simply cannot believe in God."

Yikes! When I wrote a blog asking “Would you be willing to die for being an atheist?” the unanimous response was, “I wouldn’t die for atheism but I would certainly be willing to die in order to preserve my freedom to choose to be an atheist.”

Isn’t that interesting? On the one hand, “I hate the freewill concept,” but on the other hand, “I’d die for my right to have freewill.”

Besides Salvation, love and freewill are the two greatest things in the universe. It’s God’s Love for us, love that is willed, volitional and desired, it's God freewill choice to love us that caused Him to take the payment of our sins upon Himself so that we could, if we want, experience His salvation. That in turn, if we wish, would allow us to live for eternity in the presence of love. It would prevent us, if we want, from living in the total absence of love.

We need love. We need freewill. We desperately need God’s salvation. From a spiritual perspective, we wither and die in their absence. Besides salvation, the ability to love and the ability to choose are the greatest “good” that God has given us. Atheists crave love and freewill as much as anyone. Yet they can’t have it both ways. They can’t be willing to die for the freedom to reject God and then fault God for giving them that freedom. Nevertheless, this is just one of the many, many inconsistencies that one is forced to live with when accepting the atheist faith.

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