Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bill Maher and Bad Religion

Bill Maher seems to have hit on a money idea. Let’s all get together and laugh at, mock, and belittle a specific group of people.

His example of atheist ethics I presume.

In his movie, Religulous, Bill who fancies himself as someone who knows it’s an elephant while everyone else is concluding a rope or a fan or a tree trunk, smugly mocks things that 90% of the world’s population holds dear.

His example of atheist humility I presume.

When talking about his movie, Mr. Maher promotes the kind of bigotry that allows him to say things like, “[If your religion is different than mine] the only answer is to kill you. Unfortunately, that sort of thing dominates the religious landscape.”
The profound denial of the facts that is required to make a statement like that staggers the mind.

Atheist tolerance at its best I suppose.

Maher isn’t just satisfied to attack people in conversations, he wants to promote bigotry and hatred in millions and millions at a time. Hitler would have loved such an opportunity.

While I know next to nothing about being a libertarian (that is so un Canadian) I’ve heard Maher on previous occasions promote his brand of sexual liberation. As I reach a little to my left and pull an old text book from the shelf “The New Harvard Guide to Psychiatry” (not a religious text by any means) I read this comment that flies in the face of Maher’s libertarian sexual philosophy.

“Many who have worked closely with adolescents over the past decade (it's an old text)have realized that “sexual freedom” has by no means led to greater pleasures, freedom, and openness; more meaningful relationship between the sexes; or exhilarating relief from stifling inhibition. Clinical experience has shown that permissiveness has more often led to empty relationships, feelings of self-contempt and worthlessness, an epidemic of venereal disease, and a rapid increase in unwanted pregnancies. Clinicians working with college students began commenting on these effects as early as 40 years ago. They noted that students caught up in so called sexual freedom found it “unsatisfying and meaningless.” A more recent study of college students found that their sexual behaviour by and large appeared to be a desperate attempt to overcome a profound sense of loneliness; they described their sexual relationships as less than satisfactory and as providing little of the emotional closeness they desired . . . They described pervasive and haunting concerns that they were using others and being used as “sexual objects.”

Of course, Christianity’s teaching on sexuality is just one of the areas that Maher ridicules. The movie as a whole is used as a platform to promote hatred toward Christianity, Judaism and Islam under the guise of humour while promoting what Maher calls logic and reason. Nevertheless, study after study after study has shown the following:
. Sin breeds misery
. There is a strong correlation between a deeply Christian life-view and a reduced incidence of:
.Interpersonal Violence
.Relational breakdown
.Alcohol abuse
.Divorce because of adultery
.Corruption and
.Early onset of using sex to get “love.”
.Arteriosclerotic heart disease was 60% less in those who hold to this life-view
.Suicide among women is twice as high among those who did not have this life-view
.Cirrhosis of the liver is four times as high in those who do not have this life-view
.Both diastolic and systolic blood pressure is consistently higher in those who do not have this life-view
.Every one of 250 studies found a positive health correlation between religious affiliation and physical health, regardless of age, social status, gender or any other qualifier.
.Both men and women who held deeply held Christian beliefs were significantly more likely to report sexual satisfaction than those who do not have this life-view.
.Rates of violent crime, property crime and personal crimes of all nature were 80% higher among those who do not have this life-view.

Bill Maher would like to do away with the avenue by which these behaviours, behaviours that draw a huge cost from society, can be prevented or decreased.

Imagine if there was a new medicine that would revive, renew, restore, prosper and bring about peace and harmony to our economy, our marriages and our communities and Bill Maher and other atheists began to campaign against this medication. And what if their only reason for starting this campaign is that they had a beef with the Manufacturer? That is what is happening in this case. Bill Maher hates God and he hates anyone who is on a spiritual quest and thereby thinks differently than he and others of his ilk.

Are you dumb enough to let them do this to your country, your community, to you?
Do you want Bill Maher acting as a spokesperson for you belief system?


amy c. said...


You can really make up science. Why don't you site your studies? Because they don't come from reputable sources?

There are some studies that show church goes are happier and healthier, but when they took another look at the data, it was found that church going wasn't the independent variable, it was friendship. People with friends are happier and healthier than friendless people.

Correlation isn't cause and effect. If Muslims live in poor countries, that doesn't mean being a Muslim makes you poor. That's the kind of nonsense you are writing.

But then again, once you start convincing yourself that a person that is born, ages, bleeds and dies is a god, and that virgins have children, and that three gods are really one god, the logical mind turns to mush.

Thomas Jefferson said, to imagine a world without god is liberating. He suggested people give it a try. Pretty smart guy, to have a mind of his own, not one of mush.

Makarios said...

So, are you saying that you disagree with me or are you just trying to prove that you don't need God to be a nice a person you?

Seriously, if I thought you were someone who didn’t judge the validity of a study by whether or not it agreed with your philosophy of living, I’d go to the work of citing the studies. I still will if you honestly want the information.

What I can say is that the quote about the 250 studies comes from the New Harvard Guide to Psychiatry. I don’t know what you think about that association and I really couldn’t care less whether you agree or not. I trust them and that’s good enough for me.

The study on human sexuality that found a high correlation between sexual satisfaction and deeply held religious beliefs is from RedBook magazine. Again it’s a secular source which I would have thought would lend credence to its credibility with someone like you.

On the other hand that would require a certain degree of open mindedness so . . .

Makarios said...

Ah, what the heck. It's still early. In no particular order:

Claudia Wallis, "Faith and Healing," Time Magazine, June 23, 1996.

G. W. Comstaock and K. B. Partridge, "Church Attendance and Health," Journal of Chronic Disease, 2002, p665-672.

K.F. Ferraro and C.M Albrecht-Jense, "Does Religion Influence Adult Health?" Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 30, no. 2 (1991) 103-202.

I don't know anything about Clausia Wallis but as far as I know these are all secular studies. Enjoy!

KLJ said...

Your nasty insulting post on my blog was, I guess, an example of Christian love and tolerance?

I am convinced that this was written before you saw the movie.

Maher ridicules ideas more than people. To mock beliefs is different than to mock someone for a disability or some physical difference between them and yourself. You speak of theism as if we SHOULD regard it as we do disability. "Oh, don't mock him, he's Christian. There was nothing the doctor's could do, poor thing." It seems YOU are holding the religious in lower regard than Maher who is challenging them.

And then you break off and attack Maher for views he has expressed outside of this movie. I disagree with Mr. Maher on many things (including things he said IN this movie) but learn to stick to a topic please.

So, how did you get access to the movie two days before it's release? Many who I know saw it early so I'm not saying it is impossible. I just think that you'd have written a much better rebuke had you actually seen it.

The blog of mine that you commented on is one I share with a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu and a Buddhist. None of them seemed to want to villainous me for thinking that Maher's film, while it had its share of faults, was ultimately the work of a clever and very funny comic who succeeded in making some good points.

Your review and the fact that you went trolling for any positive reviews that you could spew venom at paints you as a reactionary, angry man. Hardly the picture of compassion and love your religion calls for.