Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Homo Schooling Association of America

Just in from the AP wire service is this note on a new movement that’s making waves in America. “The Homo Schooling Association of America or opened its official website today catering to the needs of homosexual parents who are worried about the deleterious affects of their children attending schools where they are often ridiculed and bullied for having two parents of the same sex. Rhonda Flemming who lives with her partner Alicia Flemming (no relation) told news sources this morning that this new web-site is a god-send. “As an atheist, I don’t actually believe in god but I don’t know any other way to describe this resource. The name calling, the pushing and intimidation that my and Alicia’s children have to endure is criminal. But we couldn’t get the school to do anything about it. They just said, “You made your bed, now you and Alicia can darn well sleep in it.””

No surprise to some, this service was begun in Texas, a State that is notorious for herding homosexuals into pens and keeping them there, sometimes for days on end without the ability to contact family members or loved ones.

“We simply can't take it anymore,” said Robert Stoble, the creator of the site, who along with his life partner, Ken (Kenny) Fitzpatric decided “Enough was enough. Now our kids can learn in the safety of our own home. Robert and Kenny who attend the First Methodist Church of Austin said, "I don’t see the anti-gay agenda that is so prevalent in America ending any time soon. Once our sons are big enough to fight back, we’ll send them out into the world again. Until then, they’re staying where we can keep and eye on them.”

The Pastor of First Methodist was not available for comment.


Matt Algren said...

Okay, I give up. Is this supposed to be satire?

Makarios said...

Yes. As I've had to explain before, my wife tells me that if I have to tell people that it's a joke then maybe my jokes aren't that funny. I thought the play on words was hilarious but . . .