Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What? No life on Mars?

“It is likely that conditions were not favourable to life evolving on Mars.” That seems to be an increasingly common stream of thought on blogs about Mars. Too bad these scientists haven’t asked the opinion of Richard Dawkins. He, for one, would take exception to such nonsense. As Ricky and his pals have stated, if the conditions on earth had been different, then a different type of life would have evolved on earth. That is why, according to Dawkins, there are "billions" of planets throughout the universe where life has evolved from non life, and billions more where such an event is about to take place even as we speak. That is why it’s nonsense to say that there isn’t any life on Mars. In fact, to atheists like Richard Dawkins, life evolving from non-life is such a ubiquitous occurrence that there cannot NOT be life on Mars. As one blogger stated today, Now that we’re on Mars “Imagine the possibilities!”

Or for those of us who choose to live in reality, and shun the blind faith of Richard Dawkins and his ilk, Landing at any spot on Mars and scooping up evidence of life is like landing at any spot on earth and not scooping up evidence of life.

Of course it's possible that our Creator began life on more than just our planet. It is possible. Nevertheless, it would be great if we could put resources toward ending hunger and fighting HIV here on earth. Instead, spending trillions to prove abiogenesis is far more important to a certain segment of earth's population.

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