Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just a little backwards

"I’m going to provide a means for your forgiveness
- NOT when you ask for it
- NOT when you’ve proven yourself worthy of it
- NOT when you stop being my enemy,
But before you even know that you are in need of it."

. Who does that?
. Who loves us in spite of our raging against him?
. Who offers forgiveness to those who, by all worldly standards don’t deserve forgiveness?
. Who says “I will make it possible for you to be at peace with me,” even as the person is about to be killed by his enemy?

Only Creator God, that’s who.

Only Creator God offers, without condition, forgiveness to everyone. He does this knowing in advance that most people will abuse and reject this most awesome example of Grace. And why do some people reject God’s offer of forgiveness? Because in their minds, they don’t need it. They compare down to those whose behaviours are worse and pronounce themselves not guilty; or at least not very guilty.

If I think that I’ve done no wrong, if I’m offended by the mere suggestion that I am guilty, how can I possibly accept an offer of forgiveness? These type of people can’t think of any reason why God shouldn’t be thrilled to have them in heaven for eternity, even if it’s against their earthly wish.

Yet the offer remains.

All that’s needed to receive this forgiveness is for you to reach out an accept it. And with that acceptance comes freedom; freedom from real guilt, freedom from the power of evil, freedom to love as you have been loved.

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