Tuesday, June 24, 2008

God Help Us!

There is something kind of interesting happening with the new generation of Christians that I see for counselling. The good news is, they know that we aren’t saved by being obedient to God. The bad, sad and down right weird news is that they can’t think of any other reason why they should be obedient to God. So how does this play out in real life? That too is very strange.

Using the example of a marriage that’s going south, the behaviours of the couple, a couple that self identifies as “Christian” remember, will be to: Hurt and be hurt, be Unkind, Impatient, Not forgiving, Easily angered, Self-seeking, Not trusting, Keeping a record of wrongs, Mocking and Sarcasm and then (Here’s the strange part) they’ll express anger toward God for not giving them a peaceful and happy marriage.

If this is how Christians act and react then God help us all.

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