Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm very Spiritual

“I’m a spiritual person,” says one. “I’m a VERY spiritual person,” says another. Mistaking sensuality for spirituality, yet another person describes how lying in a warm tub of water with candles all around “feels so spiritual.”

Reality is, we don’t just feel spiritual or conjure up spirituality. We ARE spiritual beings and nothing or no one can change that, not now, not for eternity. We are souls inhabiting physical bodies; souls that are no less real than our bodies. Our souls are as real and as imperceptible to our senses as a thought or a wish, yet more powerful than either. Nothing that we experience in our daily lives has come about in the absence of someone’s thought or desire. Our soul or our will provides the power to make it so. Our freedom of expression, our creativity, our self-determination drives our physical bodies. Nothing in life is more admired than that which comes from our soul, from who we are and what we create.

God is a self-determined Creating Soul, who dwells in a Trinitarian community from which all other souls have their origin.

Our soul, our will, our self-determinism is what separates us from all other living things. We can determine to destroy our selves and everyone else, or we can determine to live and to nurture life in everyone else. No other species does this or is capable of doing this. Our soul, our will, our spiritual nature is what makes us human. It’s what makes us determined to go beyond survival in our daily activities. It is the soul that determines our relationship with God and it is the will, the nature of our soul that is either acceptable to God, or unacceptable to Him.

You are spiritual. What you are doing with that spirituality is the crucial question. Are you moving in concert with your Creator? Is your soul anchored in a relationship with your Creator? Or have you turned away from your Creator so that you’re dancing with demons. Or perhaps your soul has set yourself up as a god? According to Jesus, the Creator of your soul, the One who’s own Soul or Spirit indwells believers in Him, He is the one who will determine your eternal destination based on either your allegiance to Him or your rebellion to and your turning away from Him.

Good luck on your journey.

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