Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jesus was brilliant!!!

You know the story. Some of the best thinkers of the day sat captivated and enthralled for three days by a twelve-year-old Jesus.

True, something similar happens every once in awhile down through history. You see it every so often in the headlines:
“Youngest professor ever.”
“Is this the new Einstein?”
“Graduate School completed by age 14,” and so on.

Jerusalem, at the time of Jesus was as cosmopolitan as any city in the world today. It was a major centre in the Roman empire and visitors from many lands flocked to Jerusalem for commerce, philosophical discussions, religious meetings, and to seek out the latest advances and discoveries in the known world. Brilliant minds were not in short supply.

When Jesus spoke, He didn’t reference His comments to other great thinkers. When our Creator graced the earth in human form, He spoke as one “who possessed authority.” It doesn’t matter whether the individual is a sceptic or a follower of Jesus, historical scholars of all stripes acknowledge the profound nature of the insights and comments of Jesus of Nazareth.

So, if He was so smart why didn't Jesus address society's greatest needs?

Actually He did. Our greatest need is not more pleasure or more money or more science or more technology. We don't need a better promoter or more education. While those things are fine and dandy, while none of those things are wrong in and of themselves, they are not our deepest need. Our deepest need is forgiveness. Our deepest need is an ability to transform the character with which we are born. We desperately need a Saviour. We need someone who can deal with our guilt and for that reason and that reason alone Jesus, our Creator, the most brilliant, enlightened, spiritual, and intellectually gifted person to ever exist walked planet earth. He came to brilliantly spread the good news of His gift of life eternal.

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