Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Grief - I’m Rich!!!

“All I’ve ever wanted was enough.”
“All I want is just a little bit more.”
“The one who dies with the most toys wins.”

All of these express common thoughts about various people’s beliefs regarding wealth. The last one, while a common cliche was actually said to me in a tone of fervent belief by someone whose marriage was falling apart because of his excessive spending. Well, I’m writing today with the purpose of promoting the attitude that wealth is great and I’m going to tell you how to get wealthy.

Fact: I am richer than Richard Branson, or Rupert Murdock or that American with the really goofy hairdo, ummm Trump, Donald Trump. I am in fact richer than any other multi billionaire that you can think of. I know that I’m richer than they are because:
. I have enough and they don’t.
. I’m contented and they aren’t.
. I’m at peace and they aren’t.
. All my needs are met and their’s aren’t.
. My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, my future is secure
Theirs is not.

Fact: You can be just a wealthy as I am.

All it takes to be as rich as you can possibly get is a change of direction.

Fact: Everything that you can accumulate on this earth will rot, rust, decay, get lost, get stolen or in some way disappoint. No “thing” no “bling” that this world advertises as precious or important is able to live up to it’s billing as being able to satisfy. Even the best of relationships, over time, fail to meet our dreams and expectations.

Fact: There is an alternative that more than delivers on its promises. There is one relationship that gives more than we ever dream possible. Jesus brings a wealth of all that is important regardless of circumstance. Jesus is the secret of contentment in all situations.

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