Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yikes! Another Health and Wealth Preacher.

I was in Christian book store the other day. I almost bought the e-bay atheist book but then thought better of it. I’ve already bought too many books this month. I went around the corner of the isle and saw a book by this good looking preacher dude. I’ve seen him on Larry King and couldn’t stop from flipping the pages.

Sigh, another huckster making millions off gullible, desperate people. And he’s doing it by corrupting the message of Jesus, no less. Of course he has to corrupt God’s message because no where in the Bible does God say that Christians will be exempt from the normal pain and suffering of life.

Not this guy. With great enthusiasm he tells folks, ‘Now is when God wants us to be rich.’ ‘Now is when God wants us to be free from sickness.’ ‘Now is when we can eliminate all troubles and concerns in our lives.’ ‘Forget about heaven. You deserve to have everything you want now, and you can get all that stuff by giving me huge chunks of your hard earned savings.’

He and others like him call this offering “seed money.” Give me your money and God will give you back more than you gave me. He’s just as big a liar as those shysters who operate out of Nigeria.

Christianity has always, always, always taught that the Crown, never precedes the Cross.

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