Friday, November 9, 2007

Why I Worship Creator God:

Robert Webber has said - “Worship is the response of the people to God’s saving initiative. The inner person receives God’s act of salvation with humility and in reverence, service and devotion.”

God has given me something that I never before had, never wanted and could not produce in myself even if I had wanted it. God has produced a desire to worship Him. He has changed me from one type of person into a completely different type of person. If there was only one miracle that proved the existence of God, this changed personality would be it.

This change has not been through effort on my part. This change is something that has been done to me, it has been brought about in me, it is supernatural. This longing to worship, can happen anywhere and at anytime. Listening to a comment by one of my children can bring forth a desire to thank my Heavenly Father for the family that He has given to me. A recognition that I can ride my bike instigates praise for the body that I have. Support from my wife reminds me that I would not have had these past 34 years of good, good companionship if God had not brought her into my life. Without the reality of God in my life, it would have never occurred to me to even consider the role of God in my life. Without the reality of God, like most people, I would view my accomplishments as being due to my skills and my failures as being due to the fault of others or circumstances beyond my control.

My worship of God comes to the surface when I have once again needed to ask for forgiveness for a lie, or lust, or judging or an act of harshness with my children. I worship God because even though I have done something wrong, He will never ask me to leave His family. Even though I remain a person who sins against God, I will never have to experience the wrath of God. This is because I have placed my faith in the saving power of Jesus. While I may have temporarily harmed my relationship with my Lord and my Saviour, I have not and will never be disowned by Him.

That’s the kind of relationship that brings freedom from anxiety. No matter the circumstance, I can lean back into the warmth of my Creator’s loving arms. I am forgiven. And because of that, God is able to change me, little by little into someone who will someday resemble Jesus the Christ. Impossible on my own - Inevitable with God.

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