Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Am Worthy!!!

I was sitting in the Case Conference room waiting for a few stragglers to arrive. The Rec. Tech. was ranting (as he usually did) about religion. I didn’t catch his whole conversation but it ended with loud, “I am worthy and no fuckin Priest is going to tell me that I’m not!!!!

Hmm. He is worthy. Worthy of what? Heaven? Salvation? I should have asked, but we were just about ready to start and I was still getting my files in order. And if it was salvation or heaven, what was it that he’d done or not done, thought or not thought, said or not said that made him believe that he was worthy of these things? How does one become worthy of heaven? How does one deserve salvation?

I know almost nothing about the Catholic faith but I do know this. It would have to be a pretty lax system of religion for J. to be worthy of anything, if the requirement was possessing a good enough character. Back then I used J. as a reference point to justify the acceptability of my own indiscretions. Sheesh. I’m worthy. Ya, right. I wonder what he meant? Too bad he’s dead now. In a drunken state he drove his car into a pole. Well, I guess by now he knows if he was worthy or not.

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