Thursday, July 3, 2008

“You self-righteous C***!”

I saw it again on a Christian’s blog. A woman was writing about being blown away by her salvation; by her incredible relationship with Jesus. True to form, an atheist who was cruzin through her site responded with “You self-righteous C***! What makes you think you’re so good? What makes you better than me?”

Why is it so impossible for atheists to understand salvation in any terms other than goodness? Simple. Being “good enough” is their reference point. It’s their insurance policy just in case there really is a Creator God. The concept of Grace is totally beyond an atheist’s ability to comprehend. In perfect fulfilment of Biblical prophecy atheists are tripped up by “that great stumbling stone, Jesus the Christ.”

Because of that, if a Christian talks about salvation, forgiveness of sins, God’s love for them etc., in the atheist’s mind that forgiveness can only be based on some degree of goodness. AND since in any given atheist’s mind s/he is as good as any person can possibly be, the fact that one person is saved and the atheist is not infuriates the atheist. It infuriates the atheist because the direct implication of this salvation is that the Christian must think she is better than the atheist.

Sucks to be an atheist.


The Mama Hood said...

Thanks for the comment on my post, kids are wonderful!! Have a Happy 4th!

Makarios said...

I'm from Canada. We have a happy
1st and a just a so-so 4th. Peace!

pinkunicorn said...

Yes, it does suck to be an Atheist because Atheists look at all the pain and suffering in the world and realize that the universe is indifferent to one's cause, and that god is not going to take care of all the mess in the world, that we ourselves must do something about it - because we do not view the world from rose-colored glasses.

Self-righteous c***s are a problem because, by their self-righteousness, they try to impose their beliefs on countless others and cause so much pain and suffering on other people.

SellingMyself said...

Actually, I have met more Christians who walk around talking about their goodness than I have met atheists who do the same. You Christians don't seem to see the need in being good since you already believe Jesus' blood can take you all the good places you want to go anyway, but you take great pride in whatever your religion defines as goodness (usually DONT'S instead of DOS) and display it proudly for all to se. When you are good, it is always done with strings attached..'pray this prayer,' 'God loves you...but.' At the same time, you snub all who are not like you because we are not 'good enough.' Those who have walked away from religiosity are all seen in the most extreme light of 'sin' because we don't profess your religion. We are all alcoholics, drug addicts, homosexuals, adulterers, pedophiles, etc. and if we are not already these things, you like to think we wish we were, so any good that we attempt to do isn't worth jack-shit anyway.

Humility of mind and heart and doing good, genuinely good, just because you wanna is not popular in Christian circles. I know. I lived it for 25 years. Don't think we ex-ers (atheist or not) don't know what we are talking about. You are preaching to the choir.