Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Very Un Natural Selection

As most Canadians know, the Butcher of Canada, atheist abortionist Henry Morgentaler, has been awarded the country’s highest civilian medal. He was recognised for making it easier for women to slaughter their daughters and sons, tearing them limb from limb in an attempt to eliminate the inconvenience of having to nurture another human life. Survivors of this process are tossed into the trash along with the rest of the entrails.

For some reason, a reason that prominent atheists have yet to explain, the drive, the determination, the obsession to ensure the continuation of our genes, to propagate our offspring, an obsession that according to evolutionary theory should be present in every single species on earth is conspicuously absent in our species. This frenzied killing of our children is not based on weeding out the weak from the strong. It’s not based on a lack of food or loss of natural habitat. In fact, those with the most abundant food supply, the most secure housing, the most wealth and incomparable health seem to be those who are most determined to kill those of their own genetic makeup. The hoarding of personal wealth takes precedent over the preservation of one’s genetic code.

If this isn’t natural selection gone awry I don’t know what is. Is there an explanation for this? No. Is there an admission that this is a dilemma for proponents of this theory? No. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.

The human animal is also unique in that it is the only animal that intentionally endangers and even harms itself when angry. Whether it’s drinking too much, driving too fast, taking part in dangerous social activities, abusing food, obsessing on cutting or slashing, the rage that is present in and demonstrated by humans once again seems to go completely against what one would expect of a species that is evolving to higher and higher states of being.

Are people concerned about this schizophrenic, sociopathological, chronically delusional course of action that has been part of human nature since we first, as we are told, dropped out of the trees? Apparently not. Instead we award our highest honours, the most money and unbelievable adoration and worship to the instigators and promoters of such strange and self-destructive ways of living.

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