Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where’s your heart?

I can’t remember if it was Plato or C.S. Lewis who said something like, “I believe in Jesus for the same reason that I believe in the Sun. Not because I can see it but, because of the Son I can see everything else clearly.”

Jesus said that it’s the same for the lives we attempt to live. Many people, most people in fact, are blinded by the glitter of bling. They believe in it’s ability to transfer to us value and worth and security and belonging. And because people believe those lies, bling or power or relationship etc. is where their heart is; it’s where their focus is fixed, it’s where their efforts are directed. Because they are handicapped by spiritual darkness they cannot see the true nature of worldly “things.”

So powerful is the draw of these lies that Jesus tells us that we cannot worship, or follow or centre our concentration or give our hearts to both Him and to the things of this world at the same time. In fact, we are told in, I think it’s 1st John that love for the things of the world is the same as hatred toward God. We are told in part to love God with ALL our hearts. With little or no effort on our part our hearts will be where our treasure is. It is a spiritual reality or fact that we cannot obey God and go after worldly riches or fame. The two will always be in constant conflict. Now, we MAY gain those things while putting God first in our lives. He may, for His purposes bring power or wealth into our lives. However, if we put worldly priorities first, we will most certainly lose our relationship with God.

If I treasure Jesus. If I treasure His glory and the furthering of His kingdom then that is where the majority of my thoughts will be directed. That is where my wisdom and insights and “aha’s” and “now I get it,” and the most thrilling parts of my life will find their source. When my Lord and my Saviour is the primary source of my life, all other life events will revolve around Him and His plans for my life.

For someone who has experienced life ignoring God, and then experienced life with God, I don’t understand why that person would still try to live in both worlds. I really don't. When Jesus came into my life, I have never once looked back to my old life with envy or longing. Life in a healed relationship with my Creator is so superior to what I had before. And I thought I had a pretty good life - until God revealed Jesus to me. The New Testament is rife with examples of the same confusion.
.Paul would ask with amazement, “What are you still doing living a life of sin?” Or, in Galatians, “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the One who called you.”
. God asks, “Why are you still trying to draw water from a broken cistern?”
. Jesus asks “Where’s the focus of your heart?” If it isn’t on the wonders of God’s kingdom, why not?

Love the Lord with all your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength and let the pagans go after all that is worthless. Do this an your life will become adventure after adventure; exiting, amazing, thrilling and fulfilling.

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