Monday, July 28, 2008

Hardwired for God

I’ve often written about the unique ability of the human mind to comprehend the universe and it’s workings. Some would say this is an accident, a coincidence. I say hog wash. This is as purposefully designed as anything could be.

The fact is, we are built for relationship and we are most of all built for relationship with our Creator. Many if not most people spend their whole lives virtually consumed with developing intimate relationships. Many people become emotionally incapacitated when important relationships go awry. Because the most dysfunctional among us are also the most visible and therefore carry the most influence, their inability to function intimately has come to be the standard or model by which the young and inexperienced humans attempt to develop their intimacy. Ergo, many people never get beyond a physical connection to another human being.
Nevertheless, this obsession with the many facets of relationship (getting, losing, betrayal, death etc.) consume most people from birth till death. This is especially true for those who do not have the most important relationship of all; an intimate, healed and forgiven relationship with Creator God. Without our Creator as our singular source of all that we need to function as emotionally and spiritually healthy individuals, all other relationships will suffer to one degree or another. Only Jesus can teach us love. Only Jesus can bring about in us patience and mercy. Only Jesus’ Spirit can communicate clearly to our spirit the direction that God wants us to take in our lives. We can hear this direction. We can know God’s will for our lives. We are hardwired to communicate with our Creator.


Claire said...

I am confused as to your comment on my recent blog. Truthfully, I find it a little bit presumptuous. I'm not sure if you were surprised by my faith in humanity, or not. But I was simply reminding others that despite humanity's flaws, we can be pretty amazing. And that fact alone (as exemplified by the post secret postcard picture I accompanied with the post) is what continues my faith. It has never gone away, I just find myself reminded of it in poignant ways. And I'm sorry you are so focused on the "greedy sociopathic...." people reproducing so fast. If you cannot see that most of humanity is good, than I pity your outlook. And being the christian that you seem to be, I am suprised you have not realized that those who are doing wrong and acting in ways that hurt us are the ones who most need our love, dedication, and most importantly..... faith.

Claire said...

By the way: I really like your quote underneath your title. Very nice.