Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Bang

"Back before the Big Bang . . . there was the "egg" of the universe where all places were one place, all things were one thing"
Barbara Brown Taylor.

Isn't it ever cool to contemplate such things? I am absolutely fascinated by Quantum Physics, and Theoretical Physics and Supersymetrical String Theory and E and Gravitational Loop Theory and all that. I read what's going on in those fields every chance I get. I wish I was smart enough to understand what they're talking about.


Tom Terry said...

I thought I should, out of courtesy, inform you about the following published in a Mongolian newspaper about you.

A perusal of Terry’s website readily reveals his claims that Mohammad was a pedophile and that Buddha abandoned his family. It also provides links to Terry’s sources. One is a blog maintained by a man called Rod Holmgren. Holmgren describes himself as a retired counselor, a happy husband and happy father of seven, though his blog does little to paint Holgrem an educated expert on anything to do with either Jesus or Buddha. It does seem though, upon reading the blog, that Holgrem is an expert on controversial statements.

In an article titled “It’s So Unfair”, he writes: “On what basis is the rape of a child unfair? Certainly, it’s wrong, infuriating, terrible and yes criminal. But from the perspective of life as life goes, is it really unfair? [...] If this life is all there is, then what we see is what we get and it’s no body’s business to complain about anything. Life happens […] My advice is that if you don’t believe in God, shut your pie hole when it comes to complaining about how unfair life is.” Permanent brain damage, a member of a family killed by a drunken driver, or a wife drowning in a lake, are other situations people should “shut their pie hole” and quit complaining over.

The article is here

Tom Terry

Makarios said...

If the comments are referring to the post I think they are referring to, my information on Siddhartha Gautama, particularly about him abandoning his family came from Encyclopaedia Britannica