Friday, April 24, 2009

Which God are we talking about?

I don’t get it. What do atheists mean when they say we can’t describe the God that we believe in?

Aren’t these terms descriptions?

Eternal - Existed before time began and now exists in time but outside of time constraints

Necessary - Creator God had to exist or there would be nothing,

All Powerful - Creator of space, time, matter and the laws of science,

All Knowing - Created the constants and qualities by which the universe functions,

Omnipresent - Not limited by space or time,

Timeless and changeless - Not limited by time

Spirit - He exists outside of and prior to the creator of matter,

Personal - the impersonal cannot create personality

Purposeful - He deliberately created the universe

Intelligent - Only intelligence can create intelligence

Caring - His character makes possible objective morality by which we live

Moral - What He asks of us is for our benefit

Merciful - At His own expense made possible the forgiveness of our sins,

Slow to Anger - He has put up with us from the beginning of human kind,

A friend to the poor,

Full of Grace,


Patient - continues to bless those who hate Him,

Mind / Logos,

Triune: Father, Son and Spirit,

Source of objective morality,





Lord of lords,

King of kings,


Sustainer of the universe.

Independent of His creation,

Perfectly Holy,






Elohim - The strong One, mighty Leader, supreme Deity.

Yahweh - Self-existent, changeless, Provider, Present,

Adonai - Majestic, Master, Owner.

True God,



Supreme Lord.

I’m sure there are more descriptions than this. So what do atheists mean when they say we can’t describe the God in which we believe? What do atheists mean when they ask, "Well which god(s) that we're talking about when you say god created the universe?"?

Well, the fact is, out of all the religions of the world, this God, the Christian God, the God that was just described best describes the Creator of the Universe. Creator God IS the Greatest Conceivable Being.

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