Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What A Sad Sight

What a sad sight - the coming atheist influenced generation. While the struggles they share are nothing new to human beings, the depth and the breadth of their misery is unheard of.

Psychological Dependency on: work, relationships, mood altering chemicals, appearance, technology, possessions, sex, food, aesthetics, money, and power in order to feel safe, secure and valuable is ubiquitous in our youth. They have:

. Beliefs that fail to translate into action,
. Sex without intimacy,
. Ecstasy from a pill,
. Utilitarian marriages,
. Mechanical manners,
. And a frail Spirituality that was grown in a base of wealth and ease of living.

The atheist movement which is intent on shattering Christian values, mocking Christian morals and hurling derision at Christian beliefs has brought a deep deep anomie in the next generation. This chronic dysthymia is driving never before seen rates of divorce, physical abuse, child pornography, addictions, sexual compulsions, and unwanted and neglected children. In fact, we are witnessing the first generation of unwanted children, ours, in turn neglecting their own offspring in the pursuit of earthly gods. My guess is that as atheist influence gains acceptance, within a few years suicide rates will outpace murder rates by a huge margin.

And what does the atheist faith have to offer this most valuable treasure, our future, our children? Nothing! Living lives of quiet desperation is seen by modern atheists as a benefit of atheism. They see it as a courageous and noble attitude toward life. Like the Marlboro Cowboy who is proud to be smoking himself to death, standing and shaking one’s fist at the universe seems to be the end that justifies the atheist’s means of robbing children of hope.

Bitter old men who revel in the repulsive doctrine of Social Darwinism want to teach your children and mine that there is nothing to live for except to fulfill the desires of our selfish genes. The atheist utopia that is envisioned by today’s raging atheist leaders and forced upon our children is made up of nothing more than the dream of propagating one’s genes in a manner that is free from all moral restraints save your own. A life where the end game is the hopelessness of the grave is broadcast enthusiastically.

In the atheist dream, the next generation of children will be fed a philosophy of life that entails no purpose, no justice, no free will other than the illusion of such. Our children will be driven towards lives of quiet desperation while the self-obsessed atheist leaders use their corrupted self-love for their own financial gain.

Since the atheist dream is that one day not just science but atheistic science will replace religion as the sole dispenser of important truths in the lives of people, you would think that a certain amount of overlap in the transition from one system to the next is a worthwhile objective. What I wonder is this:

. How long must we wait before atheism starts giving people a lasting sense of purpose?

. How long until atheists begin to teach people how they can know they are loved?

. When will atheists begin transferring to children the awareness of being secure in a hostile universe?

. Is atheism able or is it not able to provide people with a sense of belonging based on something other than keeping up with the ebb and flow of society’s trends, styles and fashion?

. And if atheism is able to do any of these things, when is it going to begin? Or is atheism blind to the fact that if God is being denied influence in our children’s lives, then a mind numbing void of unimaginable size is growing by the day.

. Will atheists ever recognise the truth that teaching our children to depend on the things of the world, be it education or position or wealth or intelligence or the knowledge of science to reflect back to them their sense of worth is cruel and pointless beyond description?

As we can already see from the atheist experiment in Europe, an experiment that atheists want to transport to North America:

1) It’s a healed and intimate relationship with Jesus that gives people’s lives meaning and context and purpose, regardless of what's going on in their lives.
- Not Science, nor an atheist world-view.

2) It’s a healed and intimate relationship with Jesus that lets every single Christian know that h/she is loved, regardless of what's going on in their lives.
- Not Science, nor an atheist world-view.

3) It’s a healed and intimate relationship with Jesus that brings security and peace to people, regardless of what's going on in their lives.
- Not Science, nor an atheist world-view.

4) It’s a healed and intimate relationship with Jesus and the community of believers that allows people to know that they belong, that they have value and worth and security regardless of what else is going on in their lives.
- Not Science, nor an atheist world-view.

Current leaders of the atheist movement see no such limits to an atheist world-view. They seem to believe:

- That Christian values and morals can be discarded with no ill effects to society.


- That an atheist philosophy itself can fill the void.

Asking the atheist faith system to act as a replacement God is nothing short of ridiculous.

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