Monday, April 6, 2009

What’s the atheist explanation of evil?

I wrote yesterday about objective morals etc. That, however leads us toward the age old question regarding how Creator God can be good when there is so much pain and heartache in the world.

Well, we needn't be "stumped" by this false dichotomy. Reality is, if the world was made by a God of peace, justice, and love, then that is why we know that violence, oppression and hate are wrong. We've all read news reports where we see moral relativists who are really and actually at a loss to distinguish right from wrong. This selective morality has led them to do things the rest of us, believer or not, who hold to Christian values would never think of doing.

The Bible's explanation for what we observe, I think, gives us the best explanation for human-caused tragedy and grief. If the world really IS fallen, broken and needs to be redeemed, that explains the violence and disorder we see. If you believe human rights are a reality, if you believe that some things really are wrong regardless of what the majority or those with the most power think, then that reality makes much more sense if God exists than if He does not.

On the other hand, it is illogical on an atheist view of the world, to proclaim some things right and some things wrong. Surely you can see the deep incoherence between the world your intellect has devised and the real world with a Creator God that your heart knows exists.

This leads to a really important question. If a premise - There is no God - leads to a conclusion you know isn’t true - eg. killing babies within 28 days of birth is culturally relative - then why not change the premise to one that isn’t incoherent?

Wouldn't that allow you to be more intellectually fulfilled than saying one thing but living another?

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