Saturday, April 4, 2009

Prove to me scientifically that God exists

K wrote the challenge: ‘Prove to me scientifically that God exists.’

I’ve always wondered if atheists are for real when they say things like, “I’d like to be a Christian, I really would,” or “I’d like to be able to believe in God, honest!” I don't think so.

What K is really asking, and what all atheists are really saying when they make these kind of statements is this: “Without using the best, the most trustworthy, the most obvious evidence available, prove to me that God exists.”

If atheists really wanted to know about God, they wouldn’t spend such huge portions of their lives denying any and all evidence that points toward a Creator God. If atheists wanted to know about the reality of a Creator God, they wouldn’t return time after time to what they know is nothing but a smoke screen, ie. “scientific” evidence is the only evidence that can be used in affirming or denying the truth of any given claim. Atheists know this. K knows this. That doesn’t matter to atheists. They’re only interested in maintaining the default atheist position with which they were born; the position, for those to whom it applies, which they return to after pretending to have had a religious conversion.

What it all boils down to is this. We believe one of two possibilities:
1) Matter is eternal - or
Creator God is eternal

2) If Matter isn’t eternal then Matter is able to bring itself into existence - or
Creator God brings matter into existence

3) Matter, against impossible odds, accidentally or purposely produces life - or
Creator God purposely produces life from Matter

4) Matter arranges and designs itself exquisitely and intricately - or
Creator God arranges and designs Matter exquisitely and intricately

5) Matter produces a life of meaning and context and purpose - NOT! - or
Creator God produces a life of meaning and context and purpose.

It’s one or the other and we are free to take our pick.

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