Sunday, April 12, 2009

God's Love

“I was suffering from splitting headache; each sound hurt me like a blow. I discovered the poem Called “Love” by George Herbert, which I learnt by heart. Often, at the culminating point of a violent headache, I made myself say it over, concentrating all my attention upon it and cling with all my soul to the tenderness it enshrines. I used to think I was merely reciting it as a beautiful poem, but without my knowing it the recitation had the virtue of a prayer. It was during one of these recitations that Christ himself came down and took possession of me. In my arguments about the insolubility of the problem of God, I had never foreseen the possibility of that, of a real contact, person to person, here below, between a human and God.”
Simone Weil, “Waiting for God”

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