Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Last Time I Saw Jesus

I was in McDonald’s eating an Bacon and Egg McMuffin this morning. In the corner of the restaurant sat a man who was either brain damaged or mentally ill. He was terribly disfigured and made unearthly and to be honest, rather unpleasant noises. Loud, unpleasant noises.

Being breakfast time and all, the restaurant was pack with seniors, and me :-)
To our left sat a man and his wife who were having a coffee together. The man was wearing a bright red sports jacket. I couldn’t see what his wife was wearing.

Just as the Spirit was prodding me to befriend / comfort this disabled man, who was becoming increasingly agitated about something, the man in red got up from his table, walked over to the man and sat down with him. Jesus placed his hand on one of the disabled man’s hands. He spoke with him. He looked the man in the eyes and spoke with him. He then prayed with him. The man calmed down.

We had to leave so I didn't see how this all ended. I felt guilty for knowing that I was so lacking in love and compassion that I wasn't the one to go and befriend this person.

The last time I saw Jesus was at McDonald’s this morning. It was Him, without a doubt.


Doubting Foo said...

I used to think God was in every homeless person who asked me for money. I no longer think that but I still give them money.

Are you saying you literally saw Jesus or you just meant figuratively, in the kindness that one stranger gave to another?

Makarios said...

Ya, I was just trying to be poetic. Like a lot of things, I'm not very good at it.

That's an interesting thought, about God being in the homeless etc. When my wife and I were first married we lived in a 4 plex in a not very good part of town. One night during a wintery storm there was a knock at our door. The outside light wasn't working and like I say, this was not a safe place to live. I didn't answer. After the knocking quit, I went to the living room window only to see a mother and a child ~ 6 years old walking down the street as waves of snow were coming down. I still think of that and how I couldn't shake from my mind, "As you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me." We weren't Christians then but I knew that verse from somewhere and it really haunted me. Good for you for helping.