Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And Jesus Gently Touched Down

Some people wonder why Jesus deliberately chose to be born into poverty. After all, from reading their Scriptures most Jews were expecting Him to arrive as a powerful King; someone who would set the world right. So certain were they that the Messiah would come in power and glory that for most Jews today, Jesus has been rejected as Messiah.

So, why would He do it that way? If, as God pronounced, that salvation would come to the world through the Jewish people, why would He arrive in such an inconspicuous and unobtrusive way that only a bare number of Jews would accept Him?

Well, when you think about it, to have the Creator of the universe step into civilization in a way that wouldn’t be totally overwhelming would be a really hard thing to do. To have the Creator of the universe come in such a way as to allow people to have a free will choice whether to sign on with Him or not would be almost impossible. Like a bull in a china shop, or boxer Mike Tyson at a Tupper Ware party, or Donald Trump arriving by limousine at a homeless hostel, their presence would be such that everything else would come to a stop. To have God arrive in all His glory would, and in fact will in the future, literally bring the world to its knees.

That is why Jesus seems to have taken great pains to provide just enough evidence to the world so that those who are looking for Him will be able to find him, and those who wish to avoid Him can do so without accidentally being confronted by His reality.

When God came to pitch His tent among us, when Creator God came to dwell with us, He did so in the most unintrusive form possible. Think about it! Who is less intrusive than a poor person? Who is less demanding than those who live in poverty? Who is less powerful than a baby, born in poverty to a teenage girl? Even at the height of His earthly power and influence we find Jesus “lowly, and riding on a donkey.” Even at the most crucial moment, at the balance between being set free and being sent to the cross, Jesus refused to answer His accusers. He refused to defend Himself.

Jesus came to earth in a gentle manner to show us how humans were meant to live. He came to an ordinary family to show us that life could be lived successfully. He came to show us that sorrow, and pain and suffering need not claim us a victims. In fact in the midst of all the injustices of life, Jesus demonstrated that we can be more than conquerors. When Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is at hand,” He meant, “The kingdom of God is here. The kingdom of God is found in Me.”

My prayer is that I will one day consistently see people as Jesus sees people.

My prayer is that I will one day consistently come gently to those in need.

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