Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go to Hell !!

I saw an atheist comment last night saying that Any God who allowed 9/11 to happen doesn’t deserve to be worshipped. Another atheist suggested that a world with this much evil proves that a loving God does not exist.

If you agree with this kind of thinking, listen up because I think that you’ve got it kind of backwards.

The only thing “A world with this much evil” proves is that the world’s most intelligent inhabitants are themselves evil, depraved and slaves to their sinful nature. If that wasn’t the case we would have certainly “evolved” a better world community by now. Some would say at this point, Ya, it could be a better world but religion keeps wrecking it. Besides being a profoundly ignorant and perhaps even a bigoted statement (we don't become bigots because we've misinterpreted the facts. We misinterpret the facts because we're already bigots), that's simply not so. Religion is governed by humans, sinful humans, and like everything else, it’s humans that take something as pure as Jesus’ teachings and turn them into something barely recognisable. At any rate:

. Given the degree of evil that resides in each and every human being, and

. Given the fact that everything we humans touch turns to crap, and

. Given the fact that even our noblest efforts, including religion, become twisted and soiled by corrupted self-love, what we perhaps should conclude is,

“A world with this much GOOD, points to a loving God exerting His influence over us.”

Listening to an atheist who lives in what was or still is a traditionally Christian country extol the virtues of life without the influence of Christianity is like listening to an anarchist, who lives in the United States or Canada extolling the virtues of life without Democracy.

Life in the complete absence of Creator God's influence will not be the utopia envisioned by Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins etc. Such a place cannot be created on earth because the Love of God extends into all areas of our lives, regardless of whether we are "believers." Nevertheless, life in the complete absence of God's love will be as it has been described by Jesus. It will be an existence so horrible that the closest we can come to describing it is being burned alive. I'll say more about this tomorrow.

As 10's of millions of people every year flee countries where true anarchy reigns, so too 10's of millions of people who were once living in slavery to sin and rebellion to their Creator flee to freedom in Jesus Christ. In atheist China alone, it’s estimated that 22,000 people A DAY are becoming Christians.

Luckily were free to chose our environment. That’s why I would suggest that:

If you think that living without Democracy would be great,
- Go to Sudan or some such place.

If you think that living without any influence of God's love would be great,
- Go to Hell!

However, when you get there, don’t go crying the blues because God gave you exactly what you wanted. You have been warned far, far in advance that life in the total absence of God's loving influence is just slightly this side of unbearable. And remember, your destiny is not written in stone. You have the choice to avoid hell altogether.

Because God is all merciful, He will destroy evil
Because God is all powerful, He can destroy evil
Yes there is still evil present, but all that means is that when all who are going to come to Jesus, have come to Jesus, Creator God CAN and WILL destroy evil.

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