Friday, August 22, 2008

The Wrath of God

It’s supper time. The man, 50ish, leans over his plate and takes a bite of his homemade half-pound burger. Grease and mayonnaise drip down his fingers. He wipes the ketchup off his chin and takes another bite. By the pace that he’s eating you’d never guess this was his third burger. He grabs another handful of chips out of the bag and drops them on his plate. With a gulp of ice cold milk and a loosening of his belt the man leans back in his chair and flicks the remote to the news channel. An actress drove over someone's foot this afternoon. He turns it up. The sound of a moan comes from the direction of the floor.’

“Shut up! I want to hear this.”

Looking down, I’m alarmed to see a boy, skin and bones, eyes vacant. He’s lain there since this morning, not moving from the place where he fell. Another moan slides from his parted lips.

“I told you to shut up.”

The man throws the child part of a bun with some ketchup on it. It ricochets of the boy’s protruding cheek bone and bounces a couple centimeters away. The starving child makes no effort to reach for the bun. Too late.

The man turns up the news as reports are coming in that another whale has beached itself on the local coast.

The repair man has finally fixed the garborator. He hands the lady of the house the bill. $300.00.

“Three hundred dollars!!! I could get a whole new garborator for this.”

The man shrugs his shoulders and says, “Lady, I can’t do this work for nothin. Besides, you should thank me. I fixed those leaky pipes and I didn’t charge you nothin for doing it.”

“Thank you. I’ll thank you alright. Listen. I don’t have the three hundred. But here’s what I’ll do. I’ve got to go out and get a new dress and a pair of shoes for a party this weekend. It’ll take me a couple of hours, maybe three. I’ve got a gorgeous little three year old in the bedroom taking a nap. I got her from some guy in Amsterdam. Why don’t you help yourself. Do what you want. She already knows what a man likes. She’s pretty quick for a kid. What do you say? You do the kid and we’ll call it even?

“Don’t you have a frickin brain in your head? What’s the matter with you? Don’t you know how this makes me look? You are such a selfish little piece of shit. I’m sorry that I ever brought you into this world. Can’t you do anything right? Look at you, you worthless . . . pick up that mess. Now!! And don’t you ever try to pull something like this ever again. Who do you thing you are? Wipe your face, you eat like a pig. Can’t you ever do anything right? How stupid can one person be? For godsake pull your chair up to the table. Look at the floor. You’re going to clean that up mister. And don’t think you’re going to be watching tv after supper either. Put your hands down. Put em down. I’ll teach you to talk back to me. Ya cry me a river. Come here you little brat and I’ll give you something to cry about. Don’t you ever run away from me. Now look what you’ve done. You’ve made me break a nail. I’m gonna slap you till you can’t walk any more.

“Mom, do I look ok in this outfit?”

“Look ok? You are hot, little girl. Just like what's her name on MTV. Whose that boy you’re going out with tonight? Aarron? Oh baby he’s going to be all over you.”

“Mom. Stop it. We’re just going to the movies.”

“Oh don’t be such a prude. You've got to give him something if you want to keep him coming back.”

“What in the world is that racket?”

“Oh it’s those people again. They’re banging on the door trying to get in.”

“Well what is the matter with them. Why don’t they go home? They’re bothering me. I can’t concentrate with all that noise. Can’t you tell them to leave or something?”

“I HAVE told them. They just keep saying that they don’t have enough food and that it isn’t safe where they live.”

“Well that isn’t our fault. Why do they keep asking us for help? Turn the lights off and maybe they’ll go away.”

“Honey, would you turn up the heat a little bit? I feel a bit of a chill.”

“Sure. No problem. Oh look! There’s that old woman carrying all those sticks for her cooking fire. Good grief what a load she can carry. She must be brain damaged or something. Why else would she build her shelter so far from the wood supply?”

“Should we help her dear? Maybe offer her something warm to drink or even ask her if she wants to come in a warm up? That piece of plastic she lives under can’t keep her very warm with it snowing like it is.”

“No, don’t do that. Then she’ll want to be our friend or something.”

Wow! What a pile! There must be almost two million bodies in that heap. The stench of those dead babies is stinking to high heaven. I wish somebody would do something about that.

Actually God is going to do something about it. As we gorge ourselves on food while tens of thousands of children die everyday of starvation. As millions of children are sold into sexual slavery. As we ignore the poor that live virtually next door to us. As we sexualise our children for the purpose of entertainment. God is watching. God is watching our non response, our arrogance and selfishness. God is watching and believe me, He is going to do something about it.
Atheists are offended by His anger.

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Michael Edward Davis said...

No,god is not going to do anything about it. WE are, or we not, as the case may be. The only justice that exists is human justice. If you're looking for divine justice and cosmic retribution, dream on. Man's inhumanity to man will only end when men choose, collectively, to end it, or, perhaps more ominously, when man himself comes to an end. How we choose to live until then and what sort of end we choose for ourselves is largely up to us. Don't look for rescue from above. It's not coming. Wake up and see what is, not what you might wish to be. If wish for justice, then live justly. If you wish for peace, then live peacefully. If you wish for love, then live lovingly. No god needed. Never was, never will be. Not needed, superfluous, irrelevant that concept. Just the imaginings of a fevered brain. There is no god, you have no soul, there are neither angels nor demons, heaven and hell don't exist. Please wake up. You're wasting your life.