Thursday, August 28, 2008

Frying Babies

I saw on the news that a person is going to trial for killing his baby by putting h/her? in the microwave. It's hard to underst . . .

Oh. Oh my! I have just bitten into the best peach that has ever been created in the whole entire world of peaches. Oh this is the juiciest, fruitiest, peachiest peach that has ever been eaten by anyone EVER. And all I did was open our fridge and reach into a bin of about 30 peaches and I pulled out the most astounding peach to ever be grown. What are the odds of that? And people say there isn’t a God. Idiots! Oh baby, this peach belongs on a pedestal. It belongs in an awards case. Ooops.The single best peach to ever be grown in the whole wide world and now it’s gone. I wonder if the others are as good as this one?
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