Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Overheard at the lake

I was talking to a little girl about 4 years old and I said, "You sure have a nice dog." She replied, "Mm Hmm, He is nice but if you try to smell his private parts he'll snap at you."

We were winding down one night. It was about 10:30. No one had said anything for about 10 minutes, when out of the darkness 5-year-old Walker says, "Dad?"
"You know what would be really bad?"
"What would be really bad Walks?"
"If you had to go to the bathroom real bad and you were allergic to stink."

And then last night, I was walking back from the bathroom with Walker at four in the morning(our cabin was about 200 metres from the bathroom - the only draw-back to the camp) and he says, "Obeying satan makes a person's life really hard, right dad?"
"Yes Walker, it sure does."
"You know what I think happens dad?" (Walker doesn't seem to know how to whisper)
"Shhhh, there's people sleeping Walker."
"But dad, you know what I think happenes?"
"What Walker."
"Just before you go to hell, I think that satan makes a really big mess and you have to clean up forever and ever."

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