Friday, August 29, 2008

The Sower and the Seed is about Me

Interesting story that one Luke 8:4-15.

If it’s any indication of reality, and from what I observe or read on atheist blogs it may very well be a good indicator, three quarters of those who decide to follow Jesus, later decide to give up on that plan. Three quarters of the people who claim that God is the real deal later turn away and either deny His existence altogether or simply ignore His presence and do their own thing.

If you are thinking of leaving, or no longer being part of His family, that decision or that role in life has already been described ahead of time. In fact, rather than being some type of breaking free, rather than a radical or unique move on your part, it’s a move that’s predicted, expected and more normal than staying. Rather than you escaping from the clutches of God, Jesus seems to be saying to you, “The door is wide open. If you want to go - then go.”

When people read this or any story in the Bible the biggest mistake they can make is to read it as an outsider when in fact virtually every story is about every single one of us. In all the training that I’ve had as a counsellor, and 99.99% of it has been secular in nature, the insights into the workings of human beings as described in the Bible are as accurate and succinct as any text book that I’ve ever read. All of the Bible is a stage and we are the actors. This is especially true when it comes to leaving Jesus, or remaining a faithful follower.

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