Thursday, August 7, 2008

I was thinking some more about a person whose reaction to my laying out what the Bible said about hell was extreme in nature (Post: "Are you threatening me?) In fact, there seem to be more and more people like her. Because these people have no spiritual foundation upon which to build their value and worth, because these people have no accurate focal point upon which to anchor their security and belonging, any correction feels like a personal attack. Without God we are nothing more than our thoughts and behaviours and any comments about those things are determined to be comments about the "true" self. These people are so desperately seeking approval and validation from the world around them, a world by the way which seems to relish withholding approval, that they have no secure vision or sense of themselves. They really have no alternative since according to their belief system, they come from nothing. They’re going to nothing. Their lives are bereft of meaning and context and purpose. This is clear evidence of the devastation that is visited upon us when our relationship with Creator God is voluntarily and volitionally severed.


T-Jay Bautista said...

As much as i want to comment that the Atheist you encounter is more of an Emo rather than an Atheist, i would like to comment in a very professional manner like what you did on my post.

Please understand that the path of being an Atheist is very emotional. Specially for those people who use to believe in God. Suddenly you don't have that someone who is your source of strength. Even if they want to go back to that source of strength they just can't convince themselves anymore, because now the reality that they are exposed too does not provide any strong facts that God exists.

Makarios said...

I would suggest that they simply don't understand that very strong facts for the existence of God do in fact exist. See my latest post, "Why I Believe in God."