Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Guess Who to entertain at the DNC

Guess Who wants to headline at the Democratic National Convention? C’mon, you can get this. They’re already rehearsing. In fact they’ve been tuning up for the last three or four years now. Let me give you a hint. Here’s some of their lyrics.

I’m brighter than you are.

I don’t get nearly the respect that I deserve.

I’m brilliant.

I’m a really good person.

Why aren’t you thinking about me?

Why aren’t you thinking about my happiness?

You should be thinking about my happiness!

How dare you not think about my happiness?

I deserve to be paid attention to!

The universe would not work if it wasn’t for me and those who think like me

We, my group and I hold the answer to everything that you need to know.

Why aren’t you paying attention to me?

It drives me crazy that you aren’t paying attention to me.

How dare you marginalise me? I’m important!

My ideas count.

How dare you place my need for recognition below everyone else, even if they are in the majority?

How dare you not think as highly of me as I think of myself?

The A on my t-shirt does not stand for asshole.

If you don't publicly recognise how special I am, I won't play with you anymore.

Guess Who?


Michael Edward Davis said...

Where do you get this crap when obviously all of the comments you have to make on this posting, tongue in cheek (pun intended) though they may be, are a reflection on YOU? Go look in a mirror, sonny! I guess vitriol and diatribe is all you've got to spew, because you surely don't have anything intelligent to say here.

Makarios said...

I get these comments directly from atheist blogs.