Saturday, May 31, 2008

He’s So Close

Once you move beyond the initial stages of Christianity (Depending on one’s understanding of God this can happen an instant after conversion, it may take decades, or it may never happen), you can sense the reality of God’s ubiquitous intimacy. All of a sudden comes the realisation that you are safe. Not just eternally safe but imminently safe, moment to moment to moment. For those who have a healed relationship with Jesus, God is not just up there or out there or somewhere. For those forgiven by Jesus, God is right here, in the now, closer than your skin. Nothing can touch you, no harm can befall you without the permission of the One who knows what is best for your growth and your sanctification. Knowing this imparts to a person more strength, more peace, more rest and more contentment than anything that this world can possibly provide. God is as real, as near and as palpable as the chair upon which you’re sitting. God smiles at you. He appreciates your stuttering attempts to please Him. He is patient in your failures and encouraging as each new day dawns. His grace will wash over you like warm sunshine on a spring day. How great it is to have God reveal His love, His forgiveness, His desire to bless and especially to have His nearness.

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