Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Should I ask Jesus or Jamie in Accounting?

Should we live together before marriage? Is it ok if my kids look at porn? Is it ok if I look at it? Do I need to pay attention to my spiritual nature? Should I accept the offer from my neighbour’s wife? Is it ok to lie to my husband if telling him the truth would make him angry? Isn’t it ok to break this particular law when most other people are doing it too? Isn’t paying back wrong for wrong what justice is all about? Is there a set of guidelines to which I should adhere or can I make up the rules as I go along? Pride is a good thing, right? Should I kill my unborn child? Is there a difference between intelligence and wisdom? Is organised religion worse than disorganised spirituality? What will happen when I die? If I’m to love my neighbour as myself, just who exactly is my neighbour? Is homosexuality something wonderful or is it a relational disorder? So what’s wrong with prostitution if it doesn’t hurt anyone? Why should I forgive him when he’s not even sorry? Does God love me even when I do wrong things? Are heaven and hell real? Do we need to resolve the problems in our marriage or will our children survive a divorce unscathed? Can wealthy people really know how to live a high quality life? How about beautiful people? Do they have a corner on ‘right answers’? Do their lives show that they’re making the right decisions? What’s wrong with using manipulation to get my way? If I have a Creator who loves me, would that Being be able to provide for me the answers that I need? Can I ignore His advice without inflicting harm to myself? It seems like I’m worried and anxious all the time. How do I fix that? If some religions are mythological, does that mean that all religions are mythological? What came before the Big Bang? How good do I have to be before I can honestly say that I’m a good person? Why is there so much suffering in the world? If I take advice from Jamie in accounting instead of relying on what my Creator says about my situation, what does that say about my level wisdom? Do my actions and the quality of my life show to others who I go to for advice? Is my level of peace and contentment, fear and anxiety, anger and resentments the same as the local pagans or is my life characterised by a love and joy and excitement to be alive that radiates a Supernatural source? Why do most people, even some of those who claim to serve Jesus, seem to seek advice from almost anyone but their Creator?

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