Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why Do You Love Creator God?

Is it His concern for the poor? Or that He demands equality for all? Or that He has provided the only place in the known universe that is perfectly suited to our needs and our well-being? Is it because only He has set forth guidelines that protect the powerless? Is it because He unequivocally stands against any and all evil that could destroy you and everyone that you love? Maybe you love God because He is available 24/7; that He delights in your existence, that He loves you unconditionally, that in fact He allowed Himself to be tortured to death on your behalf. Do you love God because He formed you as an entirely unique individual among an entirely unique species? Is it because He longs to bless you and to provide for you a magnificently abundant life? Do you love Him because He has created an environment whereby you have freedom to accept Him or reject Him? Do you love the fact that His affection for you comes with no strings attached? Do you love that He is perfectly just and that He deals with you in utter fairness according to the Laws of the Cosmos? Do you love God because He doesn’t wait for you to find Him; rather He comes to you and His love pursues you relentlessly throughout your life here on earth? Is it because this is true even when your innate evil nature despises and rejects Him? Perhaps you love God because He is the one being in the whole universe who will not give up on you or turn His back on you. Only you can keep His love from embracing you in warmth and protection. Only you can cause a permanent and eternal rift in His desired relationship with you. Do you love God because He reveals Himself to the humble and to those from whom society turns it’s gaze? Do you love God because He will give you paradise at absolutely no cost to you? Are you drawn to the fact that the Cosmos is filled with and held together by this Trinitarian Being who dwells in perfect community with Himself, who, beyond human comprehension displays wisdom, intelligence, power, glory, knowledge, creativity and dazzling beauty? Do you love the fact that God hasn’t left us to guess at His glory? Instead He has revealed to us in word, in deed and in person His nature and character so there need be no misunderstanding with whom it is that we are aligning ourselves? Do you love God because God is Jesus and Jesus is God? That means that the most pure, kind, gentle, merciful, gracious, humble and without guile or pride, loving, compassionate, giving, helping, patient, selfless, genuine, honest soul to ever walk the earth, that very same person who longs to love you and who desires your friendship is God? Do you love Him because He, being Creator God longs for you, yes you, to become part of His family? Perhaps your love is practical. Perhaps you love God because He is willing to forgive every vile act and horrific thought that you have ever experienced or ever will experience. Maybe you love God because everything that’s good in life, everything that’s pure, wondrous, worthy and worthwhile comes to you from the Father of heavenly lights in whom there is no changing or shifting like shadows. Perhaps you love God because He and He alone is able to provide for you incomprehensible peace and joy. Maybe you’re grateful that nothing can separate you from God’s love. Or maybe you’re blown away because He loves you as you are. Maybe you love God because if you let Him He will change you into a person of integrity. Maybe you love God because He and He alone provides for a victorious life that nothing, not even death itself can destroy. Maybe you love God because the same power that raised Jesus from the dead will ensure that you too will live on into eternity. Perhaps your love for God results from the one and only Being who is truly inclusive in His offer of salvation. Does your love stem from the confidence of being under the care of Him who began and who holds all things together; that you can lie down and sleep in peace because He and He alone provides for your safety? Maybe you love God because He has freed you from anxiety and worry; He’s freed you from hate and anger; He’s freed you from the need for power and position and everything else that the world deems necessary for feelings of worth and value. Maybe you love God because He has freed you from real guilt and provided for you a salvation that is sure and eternal. Maybe you love God because of the clarity and understanding that He brings into problems that have baffled humanity for eons past.

Maybe it’s because of these things and more that cause you to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

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