Friday, May 23, 2008

R. Kelly on sex with children.

“Acts you have never seen before. Vile, disturbing and disgusting sex acts, actions that were choreographed, produced and starred in by Robert Kelly.”

This comment was made by Prosecutor SHAUNA BOLIKER as he described evidence that was going to be presented against recording “artist” R. Kelly who has been charge with having sex with someone that the State deems to be too young to be doing such a thing with a famous person.

First of all only by the broadest definition possible can any product turned out by R. Kelly or anyone else in the pop industry for that matter be called art, but that's beside the point. Directly to the point, can you imagine the prudery? The narrow minded, bigoted, perhaps even racist, certainly Christian driven oppressive view of human sexuality that this Prosecutor, this agent of the State has demonstrated in a clear offense of separation of Church and State. Who does he think he is, taking thoughts and views and distorted, even perverted - Yes perverted beliefs from some bronze-age book and forcing them down the throats of freedom loving materialists everywhere? She wasn’t a child!! She was thirteen years old for crying out loud. She was a sexual being who longed to experience the beautiful thing that the entertainment industry has made sexual relations to be. Men on men. Women on women. Men having sex with men dressed up as women. Women having sex with women acting like men. Women and male children. Men and female children. Glorious freedom and all the marvellous STD’s and abortions and broken hearts and ruined lives that come with that freedom have been brought into our homes and some agents of the Government are trying to interfere with that. Who are these Neanderthal Judges with their tired old ethics and religiously based morals to tell the young and the pitifully desperate what they can and cannot do? It sickens any right thinking secularist or naturalist and rightly so. Let the children explore their sexuality. Don’t stifle the natural evolution of evil. Let it progress under the guidance and wisdom of those who are even more evil than they are. Then watch as our world moves to peace and wholeness and freedom from Christian tyranny everywhere. In reason we trust.

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