Saturday, September 13, 2008

What if it’s NOT God’s Fault?

I saw a blog the other day where the guy was blaming God for the evil in the world. He was also decrying the “free will” excuse that he runs into when speaking to “fundies.” Actually I don’t like that excuse much either. But I think we should be very careful when it comes to blaming God for children starving to death or any of the other evils that we see on the news.

First of all, if you are claiming that something is wrong in the world, if you are saying that something is bad or evil, thereby admitting that objective right / wrong, good / bad exist, then the blame for this evil would lie at the doorstep of satan - not God. Anti-theists seem quite adept at giving satan a free pass when it comes to the problems of the world.

Second, is that blaming God for someone’s lack of food, invites Him to point right back at you and say, “So why don’t you fix it?”

Third, a lot of people sound incredulous when hearing of God’s wrath. It’s like, “What are you mad I me for? I didn’t do anything.”

Exactly! The reason, the ONLY reason that millions of children are sold into sexual slavery, that millions more starve to death, that millions die because of a lack of proper medicine, that people are homeless, or murdered, or have their possessions stolen or go for their whole lives without experiencing the love of another human being is because you and I and all other people of privilege are so evil, so callous, so self-serving, corrupt and greedy is that we allow it to happen. The world is the way it is because it’s our fault!!!

Is God angry about this? You’re damn right He is. We’re destroying His Creation and there’s going to be Hell to pay for those who don’t stop blaming Someone else.

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