Friday, September 5, 2008

Historical Jesus

Did you know that is a factual title? Did you know that a title like that is reserved for Christianity? The teaching’s of Buddha aren’t set within a historical context. The teaching of Krishna isn’t, even the Koran is not historically contextual. The Bible and the life of Jesus are profoundly historical in nature. It’s practically like the Bible was saying to spiritual seekers, “Come and check this out. We will tell you where Jesus was born, where He lived, what He did, who His family was, where He travelled and of course how He died and where He was buried.” The Bible invites us to seek the Truth.

There is not even a hint of vagueness in the Gospel accounts. They are filled to the brim with historical details. They tell where the miracles took place. They tell who the witnesses were and invite readers, at least those at the time, to go and ask them what happened. Names are named and places are described. The accounts of Jesus' life say ‘Here is the evidence for what we are saying. Don’t take our word for it. Go and see for yourself that what we are saying is true.’ Even the tomb itself was described this way. The stone was rolled away for our sake. It’s like God is saying, “Go look! Jesus is not there.”

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