Friday, April 25, 2008

What the . . .?

I’m blown away, almost on a daily basis, with people who should know better, yet who are consumed by worry and anxiety. They're worried about money, worried about their kids, worried about this and worried about that. In fact, poke around a bit regarding their tendency to worry and they admit to feeling guilty or irresponsible if they don’t worry.

These are Christians! These are people who claim to trust God with their very souls. Yet trusting Him to take care of their daily needs is seen as optional or even impossible.

I ask, “When God says, “Do not commit adultery,” is that something that’s optional, with adultery being a good thing in some instances?” They reply, “Of course not.”

I ask, “When God says, “Do not steal,” is that something that’s optional, with stealing being a good thing in some instances?”
They reply, “Don’t be silly.”

But when I ask, “When God says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, with prayer and petition present your requests to God. If you do this the peace of God which is beyond anyone’s ability to understand will guard you heart and soul in Christ Jesus,” is being anxious and worried optional? Is being anxious and worried actually a good thing? When, we’re told that God is a “present” help in times of trouble, when we’re told that God will supply every need we have, and when Jesus says, "If you put me first in your life, everything that you need will be provided for you" are those things to which we don’t need to pay attention? Or do we really need to go after things in the same manner of worry, depression and anxiety as do the pagans that surround us?

Many, many Christians don’t seem to realise that we, as Christians are perfectly safe, even though this world is not our true home. Many, many Christians seem to not be aware that when we put Jesus first in our lives, goodness and mercy really do follow us all the days of our lives.

I don’t get it! Where is the victory that members of the family of God can experience? Why don’t people get the fact that Jesus can make us more than conquerors even in the midst of tragedy, chaos, hardship, death of a loved-one, persecution or poverty or danger or sword?

I want that victory. I love it. I cling to this promise, not as if, but because my very life depends on it.

Thank you Lord for your presence. Even though a thousand may fall at my left hand and ten thousand at my right, it will not come near to me because Creator God is my shield and my defender.

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