Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Too Much - Too Many - Can't Take It

I read a post the other day. It was written by a young man who represents a growing segment of the population which voices alarm over how many people there are in the world. Overpopulation has been a relevant issue for a long time, but what makes this young man and those who think like him odious in nature is this. As these people sit in their air conditioned and furnace heated houses, with freezers and fridges packed with food, with closets full of clothes and with at least two cars in the garage and a motor home on the driveway, and as they plunk away at their computer or listen to one of the two, three or four tv’s in the home, or while soaking in the hot tub in winter and the pool in summer, they complain about the strain upon the earth’s resources that all these extra (mostly non white, poor and religious) people are creating.

I used to be apposed to such thoughts because I believe that all people are special, regardless of status or ability. Now I’m not so sure. In fact I’m starting to think that a depopulation project might be just the thing for what ails us. What I’m thinking is this.
. Let’s start with that segment of the population that is most in favour of killing off the most helpless in our society - those not yet born and those who are elderly and/or disabled. (In some countries, not killing your "extra" children is punishable by the loss of property or freedom. In other countries, one's "right" to die is moving inexorably toward one's duty to die).
. Let’s start with that segment of society that sees only the young, the wealthy, the beautiful, in most cases the white, the educated and of course the intelligent as having more worth and value than those who don’t possess these “qualities.”
. Let’s take that segment and simply walk them into the ocean. Or does Germany still have those big ovens laying around? A wire brush, some new paint, a flick of the Bic and those babies could roar to life with a truly noble purpose.

Let’s see what this segment of society (you know who you are) thinks of this grand depopulation idea that they propose.


Anonymous said...

Instead of dialog to solve population issues, you are advocating killing off those who disagree with you. Mass murder is "a truly noble purpose".

This is the 'gift' your religion in Christ has given you?

Makarios said...

It's sarcasm stupid!