Monday, November 17, 2008

He was a good man.

I wished people could think that about me after I’m gone. And, knowing what I know about how funerals go, a couple people might actually make such a comment about me.

It seems that those who don’t know me very well think quite highly of me :-)

The thing is, saying that I was a good man wouldn’t be true. Oh sure, I’m better than some. Aren’t we all? Trouble is, my corrupt thoughts, my twisted motives, my seemingly uncrushable selfish nature all too often rules my decisions.

That is just not true of Jesus.

. The life of Jesus was a working definition of unselfishness. Yet there is no evidence of self-pity. I say that because I’ve met many “giving” people, but underlying bitterness at being taken advantage of belied the real motives for their altruism.

. Jesus demonstrated humility, but there was no indication of weakness. In fact, Jesus was the epitome of strength and inner power.

. Jesus exuded kindness, mercy and grace.

Jesus was such a good man that even His enemies couldn’t find any wrong in Him. It would take my enemies about half a second to come up with one of my multitude of flaws.

I want to be like Jesus, because my kids want to be like me.


uzza said...

Interesting post, in light of your comments on Atheist Homeschooler.

Makarios said...

I don't get what you mean. I think my behaviour at that blog is disgusting. Don't I admit to that in this post?

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