Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ain’t that America?

For how many decades have Americans been electing leader after leader, each one dumber than the one before? While we all have tendencies to be this way, Americans, seemingly more than anyone else have always been prone to being led by the nose into following anyone who can dazzle their senses, tantalize their greed and titillate their delusions of grandeur. The cult of personality was happening again in this election with Barak Obama charming everyone in his midst. However, instead of electing another dullard Americans seem to have stumbled upon a President with intelligence.

Ain’t that America? A horseshoe stuck all the way up its butt. They had the opportunity to have a President with intelligence with Al Gore. Unfortunately he had the personality of an accountant. Obama, though, man that guy just threw America a perfect change-up. He played the old bait and switch. Offer them charm and give them smarts instead.

Congratulations America! Even if it was by accident, you’ve done something good for the first time in a long time. It’s actually pretty impressive. The trick now will be to keep Obama alive because electing him will have ignited the most base fears and hatreds that 400 years of racist evolution could bring into being.

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