Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Case of the Missing Body

This is the second post in a series on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The grave is empty. The body is gone. Who took it? What did they do with it and Why?

No, this isn’t a lousy beginning to a paperback novel. Rather, it’s a lousy beginning to what I want to say about the empty tomb in which Jesus was buried. I’m too lazy to think of a better way to segway into the fact that the problem in 1st century Jerusalem wasn’t a missing body. Rather, the problem was that Jesus body WASN’T missing. He was out in the open, eating, drinking, teaching, and leaving final instructions for the transfer of power. This was a HUGE problem then and it still is a problem for you, and here’s why.

For roughly thirty-three years, Jesus was seen alive.

For roughly three days He was known to be dead.

For roughly fifty days Jesus was again seen alive.

This isn’t a case of the missing Jesus. This is a case of Jesus being killed and now supernaturally being alive to this very day. Because there is no natural or material way for a dead person to come to life again, the fact that Jesus is alive means that God is real. And if God is real then there are certain obligations and issues of accountability involved.

I have yet to find anyone who is able to explain away (in a manner that isn’t part of the lunatic fringe of holocaust and Jesus deniers), the appearances of Jesus after He was dead and buried. The reason that I keep bringing it up is because according to Jesus, what we do with His resurrection will determine our future; both temporal and eternal. That, to me, seems like a rather important thing to think about. As the current financial crash in the United States clearly indicates, human beings aren’t very good at planning for even tomorrow let alone eternity. Nevertheless, this is one topic that shouldn’t be put on the shelf.

Sceptics would have you believe that the Gospel accounts were written by New York Times best selling authors who wrote a fiction so refined and so diabolical that billions of people have been duped.

Reality is, the writers were not refined or gifted authors. They would have never thought of some of the things that I’m describing in this series of posts if they hadn’t taken place.

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