Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Scientists are Learning

The Bible is absolutely unique in terms of ancient documents in asserting that the universe had a beginning. It is absolutely unique in terms of ancient documents in positing a beginning to which science also agrees. Science now agrees with the Bible, as opposed to other ancient religious documents, in that time is part of the universe, that time does not and cannot exist outside of the universe, that time is therefore finite.

Slowly but surely, modern science is acquiescing to the scientific facts of the Bible. As Gerald Schroeder has said, “The Old Testament was not composed in response to cosmological discoveries as an attempt to force an agreement between theology and cosmology . . . Theology presents a fixed view of the universe. Science, through its progressively improved understanding of the world, has come to agree with theology.”

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G-man said...

Oh goodness, this sort of thing amuses me so much :) Creationists just love to use the legitimacy of science to further their own means.

"Look, if you read this verse in a particular way, it can be construed to match what science has taught us! Yay science!"

But when it comes to other issues, the mood changes.

"Science sucks because it has come to conclusions my Christian soul disagrees with! Science is lame."

And now "science agrees with the Bible" ??? Lol!