Monday, January 7, 2008

Salvation and Equality

The idea that all people are created equal is a distinctly Christian ideal that most cultures throughout history could not even comprehend. Christianity overrides the self-evident inequality of human reality. Salvation through faith in Jesus is available to all, regardless of race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, intellectual ability or education. Salvation through faith in Jesus levels the playing field and makes possible possessing God’s love, mercy and grace for everyone except for those who refuse to take this wonderful gift.

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G-man said...

That's funny, I just had a very devout Christian who blogs at explain to me that God favors some people (Americans, namely) simply based on where they were born.

The application of greater blessings to some people, based on their culture, is to the greater glory of God, I'm to understand.

On a side note - it's unfortunate that most Christians were unable to exegete this human equality thing from scripture until the secular government, and *worldly* society as a whole abolished slavery and demanded civil rights.