Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christianity is the only Foundadation

Some say that the greatness of Western Civilization has nothing to do with Christianity. That’s like enjoying your fill at a banquet table and stating with great fanfare that your feeling of gastronomic satisfaction has nothing to do with the food that you’ve just consumed.

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G-man said...

No, that's like seeing a person sitting at a banquet table with a full stomach and then YOU assume he's full because he just consumed food from that table. You assume correlation to imply causation, where it could easily be demonstrated that he ate at another table and came to this one to socialize.

More to the point - Western Civilization is (somewhat) great. It is also (somewhat) populated by Christians. Assuming the latter to be the cause of the former is unjustified at this point. Clearly a stronger argument is required from you.