Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Isn’t this just like an environmentalist?

Well, they’re at it again. Environmentalists are rolling out the wacky excuses for inexcusable behaviours again. Apparently a bunch of alcoholic elephants in India died yesterday. News reports state that the elephants were drunk - AGAIN - and while goofing around they pulled up a power pole and electrocuted themselves.

And what do the environmentalists say about it? You guessed it. It wasn’t that the elephants were partying until all hours of the night. Noooooo. It wasn’t that these gangsta elephants thumb their noses at community standards. Noooo. It’s because the elephants are losing their environment to human settlements. The poor babies. Ya right!

If that was the case then all the elephants would be in town getting drunk on Saturday night. But they aren’t are they? The good elephants, the ones with jobs and the ones from good families are back home eating grass and knocking over trees and taking care of their kids. Isn’t it time we quit making excuses for those elephants who refuse to pull their weight? Isn’t it time we say, “Enough already." If these elephants won’t take responsibility for their actions, if these elephants won’t get their fat ass into rehab then, well, then, let’em be electrocuted. Good riddance I say.


Sheldon said...

This post confuses me. What the hell are you talking about? Do you have a link to the article? How do the elephants get drunk? Why is it so "whacky" to say that bad elephant behaviour might be due to habitat loss?

Makarios said...

Hmm. My wife is always telling me that my jokes aren't funny.

This was my attempt at levity, satire, sarcasm. Sorry for any confusion.

The story was from CNN online. Because of loss of habitat, the elephants come into town and in this case they found, and have found in the past, tubs and tubs of rice beer fermenting in the alleys.

I guess I'll have to label my attempts with warning signs, "This is supposed to be funny."

Sheldon said...

Well indeed it could have been funny if there was enough context. I just took it to be a slander against enviros for what seemed like a plausible explanation. Habitat loss happens.