Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh NO! I Killed Him!

"They will look on Me whom they have pierced." Those are the words of Jesus, describing His second coming. I find it interesting first of all that Jesus took ‘home’ with Him something memorable from His trip to earth. And second, it’s significant that what He took home with Him are the wounds inflicted upon Him during His death on the cross. From a human standpoint, being tortured to death is something He hasn’t forgotten. When He comes back, Jesus says that He’s going to remind us of the terrible price that He paid.
Can you imagine the difference there will be in the reaction between those who have followed Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and those who have rejected and cursed Jesus throughout their lives.
Picture it. Jesus says He is going to return in such a manner that the whole world will see Him in an instant. It will be like He is coming back for each person on an individual basis. Imagine Him coming back for you so that you may answer for the life you’ve lived during your time on earth. He’s returning with His wounds on display. No words will be needed.
To His followers His wounds will say, Here is what I did for you, because I loved you more than I love myself. To those who hate Him or deny His divinity / existence His wounds will say, Here is what you did to Me. Here is what you did to the most Holy God, the Creator of Heaven and earth. Here is what you did to the One who loved you with perfect love.
For everyone, it will drive us to our knees in a confession that Jesus truly is the Lord of Lords and the King of kings. For disciples / followers of Jesus, the sight of His wounds will bring overwhelming humility and joy, gladness and relief, amazement and gratefulness and praise. For those who have rejected Jesus and taught others to despise and blaspheme Him, there will be terror and grief, overwhelming terror and grief.

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