Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Love You Too Dad

As of this writing, my youngest son, Riley, is 3 ½ years old. Like his older brother David, Riley is kind, thoughtful of other’s needs, gentle and loving. From time to time, when I tell Riley that I love him, he says, "I love you too dad." But sometimes, without my saying anything, he's looked up from what he's doing and said, "I love you too dad." I smile thinking that he simply has not learned sentence structure yet. Until yesterday. Yesterday is when I noticed that he says "I love you too," when we go for a walk; just Riley and I. He says it when I put my arm around him. When I watch him swing or watch him play in the sandbox, it’s then that Riley, hearing my actions as loud as words, replies to my undivided attention with, "I love you too dad." Isn’t that just the most awesome thing? And isn’t that how we should respond to Jesus as we remember that we have His undivided attention? "I love you too Lord."


Love above all said...

Awww! You're so lucky to have such a beautiful child. :)

And, I've linked to your blog from a post on mine. Thought I'd say. :)

kelly said...

Kids will always keep us humble huh? :) What a great comment and observation!! I tried to email you at your old address, but it came back. I'm glad you're doing well, now retired. God used an old letter you sent to get me moving in a better direction. Praise God you're listening to Him!! Praise God you are willing to speak truth!
always serving Jesus, kelly