Friday, September 28, 2007

I believe in Sin, only Sin, and nothing but Sin

It’s often heard that terrorism springs from poverty - That AID’s springs from poverty - That violent crime springs from poverty - That loss of Hope springs from poverty.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Violence, hatred, despair and diseases like AID’s, etc. spring from a sick and sinful soul, from a soul that is separated from one's Creator. These plagues of violence and disease spring from nothing but sick and sinful souls that are separated from one's Creator.

To say otherwise is to think like an alcoholic who says things like, “I got drunk because I lost my job.” “I got drunk because my boyfriend left me.” “I got drunk because I won the lottery.” “I got drunk because my friends were drinking.” Any comment by an alcoholic that begins, “I got drunk because,” and doesn’t end in, “I’m and alcoholic,” is a lie to others and to self.

Any blame for corruption that doesn’t lay the blame solely in a corrupt and sinful soul is wishful thinking. We adhere to and grasp for this wishful thinking because we'd rather strive to eliminate poverty (good for all, but impossible to accomplish because of our corrupt and sinful souls) than accept the cure of a healed, forgiven and intimate relationship with Jesus (good for all, but desired by only a few).

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nick said...

And why pray tell is he an alcoholic?